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Armored Friction Brake Pads Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT/TRACKHAWK Rear
Armored Friction Brake Pads Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT/TRACKHAWK Rear
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Armored Friction Brake Pads Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT/TRACKHAWK Rear

$ 389.00

    *4-6 Week Lead Time - Armored Friction Brake Pads Are Made to Order. Nothing Sits On Our Shelves So You Get A Fresh Set Of Pads Custom Made Specifically For You.


    For Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT/SRT8 2012-2019 and Trackhawk 

    Higher heat resistance and a higher initial bite with main focus on brake control. Maintains braking force at very high temperatures and is suited for both street driving and spirited driving. Low dust but doesn't stick to wheels like others so very easy to clean. 


    • Friction: 0,39-0,47μ
    • Heat levels: 50-750°C

    Designed and developed with Japanese manufacturing company always working on research and development aiming to improve performance. The lamination sintered wire mesh back plates and sintered compound brake pads which were created through this research and development are currently being tested by top teams in each category for further improvements going forward.

    Products are all put through strength analysis via computer analysis, etc., several years in advance for thorough product quality assurance providing to provide stability in products overall.

    These pads fit the following applications:


    Chevy Camaro ZL1 2010-2015
    Chevy Camaro SS 2010-2015
    Dodge Challenger SRT 2006-2019
    Dodge Challenger Hellcat 2015-2019
    Dodge Charger SRT 2006-2019
    Dodge Charger Hellcat 2015-2019
    Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT/SRT8 2006-2010
    Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT/SRT8 2012-2019
    Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk 2017-2019