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CF Wind Deflector: Audi R8 - Black Ops Auto Works
CF Wind Deflector: Audi R8 - Black Ops Auto Works
  • SKU: GR8CFWDEF0713

CF Wind Deflector: Audi R8

$ 1,695.00

    Audi R8 Carbon Fiber Rear Wing Deflector fit 2007-2015 V8 & V10 R8 are made of the highest quality to fit this high-end vehicle and are a direct replacement for the OEM wing deflector and use the same installation points. They are vacuum formed and not hand laid for the Audi R8 V8 & V10 model and are reproduced to fit like the original part with the 2x2 perfect no flaw carbon fiber weave finish.

    This product will give your Audi V8 & V10 R8 the carbon look.


    • Easy Install
    • Vacuum Formed
    • Made in the USA
    • Factory Fitment
    • Direct Replacement
    • 2X2 Weave (Same as OEM)
    • Gloss Finish (Same as OEM)
    • Fits Coupe
    • Fits 1st and 2nd Generation Audi R8


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