Mounting Buckets For Quik-Latch Minis

Vendor: Quik-Latch

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SKU: QL-25-B

$ 11.49

Part Number QL-25-B

Quik-Latch mounting buckets have been produced to help flush-mount two components together easily. They are designed to be used in conjunction with the Quik-Latch minis.


The mounting bracket is recessed to allow for the clearance of the mini-latch latching body.


Quik latch depth


Side profile of the mounting bracket.

Side View Depth




The mounting bracket is attached to the bottom side of one of the components that needs to be mated together. The mounting stud is installed into the mounting bracket and adjusted to its proper height.



Mounting Diagram


Mounting stud installed into mounting bracket, topside view


Bucket Quik Latch

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