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    Fits 2012-2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Durango


    1 Set Adj. Front Upper A-Arms Jeep/Durango 2011-20 (2 arms per set)

    1 Set Adj. Rear Arms Jeep/Durango 2011-20 (4 arms per set)


    NEW Orders Please allow 7-10 days assembly and inspection time


    WK2 Billet Adjustable Front Upper Control Arms  

    Black Ops Autoworks is proud to once again bring you the absolute best parts made to solve a real problem on the WK2 Chassis.
    For the many of you who have lowered your ride, you know that doing so causes your Camber to go out-of-spec negative Front and Rear.  Our popular Billet Adjustable Rear Upper Control Arms have helped hundreds of you get the rear adjusted back into spec, but until now there has not been a good solution for the front.
    These arms are designed to be stronger than the OEM stamped steel arms while at the same time allowing a full range of adjustment using our special, laser-cut stainless steel locking tabs.  These tabs allow approximately plus-or-minus 1.2 degrees of camber adjustment in the front (with a little more being available in special circumstances).
    We use a Made in the USA stainless steel, TEFLON-lined spherical bearing with all stainless retaining rings.  We even Loctite the bearing in place during assembly to ensure it never tries to move or spin.  Our new bearing cover keeps the top of the bearing clean which helps it to live a long and happy life.
    All hardware you need is included (factory inboard mount bolts are retained) and this system is 100% compatible with the factory ride-height sensor system.  So, install them easily, get to the alignment shop to get them dialed in, and put an end to excessive tire wear, unpredictable handling, and lack of traction from a bad alignment.
    Engineered, manufactured, assembled and packaged in the USA using nearly 100% USA-made parts, there simply is not a better front alignment solution in existence for the WK2 chassis.
    Please make sure you use the supplied Silicone lube before install to avoid the Stiffer bushing from squeaking, Energy Suspension bushings are known to squeak if not lubed

    Adjustable Rear Control Arms

    Other solutions in the market offer standard threaded adjustments, this style lacks durability not to mention the threaded portions are not loaded axially. 

    Our arms incorporate some of the same technology as the GRAND-AM racing team on their LC race cars - Adjustment tabs.

    Each arm is precision machined from solid Blocks of 6061 billet aluminum and the tabs are laser-cut from steel and plated for an exact fit. 

    By changing out the tabs with different offsets, you can tune the alignment of your vehicle to suit your needs whether you're trying to increase or reduce camber. The arms are designed to occupy the same space the OEM arms do.

    Need Another reason to change from the OEM Arms to ours?

    A stock bushing protrudes out of the part (shell) about a half inch on both sides combined with the fact that the bushings are soft there is a lot of deflection. We machine our parts so there is only 1/8 on each side and use an 85 Durometer Poly. bushing, this minimizes deflection and helps control oscillation.


    NOTE: These arms are Stress analyzed using Finite Element Analysis or FEA. They are not cut or welded by an amateur in a garage or machine shop. 

    Safety is key in a part like this!!!

    What is Finite Element Analysis?

    Finite Element Analysis is based on the premise that an approximate solution to any complex engineering problem can be reached by subdividing the problem into smaller, more manageable (finite) elements. Using finite elements, complex partial differential equations that describe the behavior of structures can be reduced to a set of linear equations that can easily be solved using the standard techniques of matrix algebra.

    Why use Finite Element Analysis?

    The finite element method is being used in virtually every engineering discipline. The aerospace, automotive, biomedical, chemicals, electronics, energy, geotechnical, manufacturing, and plastics industries routinely apply finite element analysis. In addition, it is not only used for analyzing classical static structural problems, but also for such diverse areas as mass transport, heat transfer, dynamics, stability, and radiation problems. Finite element analysis is the method of choice for optimizing new designs, verifying the fitness of existing facilities, predictive performance and evaluating new concepts. In addition, it has been used extensively for accident reconstruction and forensic investigations

    Why Stress Engineering?

    Like any other numerical approximation method, solutions produced by finite element analysis contain some error. The magnitude of the error is highly dependent on the type, size, and fineness of the model used. That is why not all finite element models are created equal. Indeed, the educational and industrial experience of the analyst, as well as the use of advanced technologies, are the most critical factors in obtaining accurate results. Stress Engineering is a leading provider of finite element analysis services to industries worldwide. Our reputation is founded on broad industry experience of our engineers and their ability to expertly apply this sophisticated analysis tool to achieve reliable solutions

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    100% Sourced USA Materials 


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