(F) Brake Pad (RB XT960) WK1 SRT-8 2006-2010

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RB XT-Series Motorsports Compound

The XT Series compounds were developed to handle the toughest track braking conditions. All of our XT Series pads deliver consistent brake torque, have excellent modulation and are highly resistant to wear. The pads are also friendly to rotors, and produce brake dust that is easy to clean.

XT970: Track dedicated/No compromise - for the dedicated track car.
XT960: Track duty with adequate street capability- Good for HPDE and the Open Track Driver who drives to the track.
XT910: Street pad with moderate track ability - Good for a new HPDE Driver with occasional track days and spirited driving.

Since XT970 and XT960 pads are formulated for track/high temperature use, using them on the street may result some unfavorable situations such as brake squeal, dirty wheels, less brake friction at cold temperatures, and excessive rotor wear. For street driving, we recommended that you swap to our ET series pads.



2006-2010 Jeep SRT8 (FRONTS)

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