'Mini' Hood Latch (SS)

Vendor: Quik-Latch

Available: In stock

SKU: QL-25-316

$ 47.49

Looking for a compact multi purpose latch with heavy duty holding power?
Look no further than the QL-25-316 Mini Quik-Latch with all stainless steel
construction. With over 2 times the holding power the aluminum/stainless
Mini Quik-Latches, these latches can withstand up to a monstrous pulling
force of 400 pounds. Even though the latch is over 2 times as strong as the
aluminum/stainless Mini Quik-Latches, the all stainless variety weighs in
at just .6 ounces (10 grams) heavier.


Priced per latch, add 2 qty to cart for a set!



Upper diameter: 1.25 inches

Lower latch Diameter: 0.75 inches

Length of mounting stud: 2.13 inches

Height of latch body: 0.57 inches

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