Car Shampoo Gallon Bundle

Vendor: Adam's Premium Car Care

Available: In stock


$ 73.99

•Special Introductory Price
•Super soft wash pad cleans without scratching
•The most luxurious way to wash your car


Grabbing a gallon of Adam’s Car Shampoo is never a bad idea. Since car washing is the single most common part of any good shine nuts routine having plenty of pH neutral car soap on hand is essential, pairing it up with our professional car wash pad and our new Jumbo Plush Microfiber Towel for one low price is a no brainer! Our new formula Car Shampoo is our most concentrated version ever, producing more foam and lather with less product, while still remaining pH neutral and gentle on all exterior surfaces. The included wash pad holds tons of soapy water for washing and the over-sized plush microfiber towel sucks up water and leaves behind a swirl free finish every time.

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