Car Wash Refill W/ Wash Wedge

Vendor: Adam's Premium Car Care

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$ 79.99

•The Perfect Combo for a Premium Wash Experience
•The Gentle Touch of the Wash Wedge and Slickness of Car Shampoo
•Swirl Free, Faster, and Effective Washing
•Made in U.S.A


You've never quite experienced anything like the Adam's Car Wash Wedge. This unique foam wash pad features hundreds of precision cross cut grooves in an ultra-fine no scratch golden foam anchored to a durable neoprene handle. Its unsual design and shape allows the Adam's Car Wash Wedge to hold a crazy amount of soapy water to keep your paint lubricated during the wash and the deep cut slots in the foam pull dirt away from your delicate clear coat. It also contours perfectly to the complex curves, making it easier to clean around mirrors, door handles, trim, or other hard to reach areas.

All these features make it the perfect companion to our super slick and crazy foamy Car Wash Shampoo. The combination of the Adam's Car Wash Wedges design and the slick lubrication and high foaming formula of the Car Shampoo make for a wash experience thats not only effective and safe, but feels better than any other car wash you've ever performed before.

Rounding out this collection is one of our time tested professional car wash pads, because at Adam's we believe you should have at least 2 wash pads for any effective wash. Use the 10" square of super plush synthetic wool to wash the lower rocker panels of your vehicles and avoid contaminating the foam of the Car Wash Wedge.

Finish the job off with the included premium microfiber drying towel and reveal a clean, swirl free finish. Of course Adam's Car Shampoo and its pH neutral formula will keep your wax or sealant coating intact and will never dry out your trim.

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