Rinseless Wash Combo

Vendor: Adam's Premium Car Care

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$ 39.99

•Wash Anywhere, Anytime, Without a Hose
•High Tech Polymers Prevent Scratching and Swirl Marks
•Highly Concentrated Formula
•Eco-Friendly. Prevents Wasted Water


Sometimes washing your vehicles isn't easy. Weather, water restriction, or access to a hose can make keeping your ride clean almost impossible. Other times you just don't want to have to drag out a hose and go through an entire wash process. Luckily Adam's Rinseless Car Wash is a solution thats easy to use, safe, and can be used virtually anywhere at anytime!

Advanced lubricating polymers and emulsifiers allow Adam's Rinseless Car Wash to safely and effectively remove dirt, grime, and dust from your vehicle with nothing more than a bucket of clean water. The formula lifts contamination away from your delicate paint and encapsulates it allowing it to be wiped away without risk of scratches or swirls. Thanks to the highly concentrated formula just 2 ounces of Adam's Rinseless Wash, a couple quality microfiber towels, and 4-5 gallons of water is all you'll need to clean your entire car from top to bottom!

Because there is no running water, hose, or need to rinse away soaps you can clean your car anywhere at anytime! Those cold winters in parts of the US make using a hose and bucket in your driveway not only uncomfortable, but dangerous. Use Adam's Rinseless Car Wash to clean your entire car in the comfort of your garage and never worry about a mess. Live in an apartment complex where a hose isn't easy to access? Just fill a 5 gallon bucket with water and wash your ride anywhere without fear of scratches or need for running water. Even if you live with water restrictions in the summer your vehicles can remain spotless the entire season without ever needing a hose!

This great bundle includes 16oz of our incredible Rinseless Wash concentrate and 2 of our ultra soft premium double soft microfiber towels, ideal for use in a Rinseless Wash to remove dirt and grime without causing scratches or damage.

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