Wheel Brush Kit

Vendor: Adam's Premium Car Care

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$ 59.99

•The Right Brushes for Each Task
•Premium Bristles and Durable Solid Handles
•Ergonomic Designs for Comfort
•All Made in the USA


Next to paint the next thing most people notice about any car are the wheels. Whether you’re rolling the factory wheels that came on your car or you’ve invested in some aftermarket rollers its important to keep them clean and looking their best, which is why Adam’s is proud to offer some of the finest, custom made brushes in the business. This bundle includes some of our most popular and commonly used brushes as voted on by our customers, each one is designed to compliment Adam’s wheel and tire cleaning products.

Scrub away buildup and heavy dirt with the long handled Fender Brush. Its medium stiff bristles and long handle make cleaning hard to reach areas behind your wheels easy, without causing damage to any delicate suspension parts or painted surfaces.

Next attack your rubber with the super strong Deep Clean Tire Scrub Brush. We purposely selected the aggressive blue bristles of this brush for their ability to remove even the most stubborn residues from your tires and paired it up with a solid molded short handle block to give you the right leverage and comfort when you clean.

The main event is, of course, caring for the wheels and our short handle wheel brush does it flawlessly. A unique ultra-fine synthetic bristle compliments any of our wheel cleaning products for safe, gentle, and effective cleaning of all wheel types. Because the bristles are synthetic, not natural, they are more consistent, more densely packed and much more chemical resistant so they’ll last much longer than traditional hog hair brushes.

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