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Armored Friction Replacement Rotor Discs

$ 1,025.00
$ 1,025.00

Black Ops Armored Friction Replacement Rotor Discs

*Quantity 1 is for one pair of rotors discs only

Heavy duty curved vane rotors discs replacements for Black Ops Armored Friction Brake Rotors. These will only be sold to those who previously purchased Black Ops Armored Friction two piece rotors (order will not be shipped without proof of two piece rotor assembly purchase). Black Ops rotors use cast iron discs that are all heat treated and dynamically balanced. Discs are all slotted for improved pad material transfer. All Black Ops rotors are floating rotors which allow the  disc to expand and contract during heat cycles with less stress to prolong rotor life. Discs are coated with a ceramic composite coating to help prevent oxidation in areas where the disc is not in contact with brake pads.
Check out the ceramic composite coating and see what separates Armored Friction! 

We use 100% USA Sourced materials to MFG, at the highest quality possible!

Made in the USA 
Hawaii and Alaska please email us Here for a shipping quote we cannot honor your checkout shipping costs. 
ALL International locations: We are always willing to ship inside the USA to your forwarder we do not ship internationally our Apologies.
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