Trailing Arms Aluminum Camaro 10-16

Vendor: Black Ops Auto Works

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$ 349.00

These Camaro Tension Arms (a.k.a Trailing Arms) are nearly 25% lighter
than the OEM units while at the same time being stiffer and using more rigid
polyurethane bushings. The FEA test results shown indicate a factor-of-safety of
nearly 3 with tension and compression loads of 1 ton!

The weight savings reduces un-sprung weight and allows the suspension to react
more quickly for maximum performance at the track while the reduced compliance
from the stiffer arm and firmer bushings keeps proper geometry even when heavily

Whether your car is a track weapon or a street cruiser, you'll appreciate the improved responsiveness and reduced delay especially if your car is making more power and/or
traction than a stock car.

We designed these using the latest 3D CAD and FEA software and manufacture them
on a CNC mill using aluminum, steel, and even polyurethane made in the USA.

                                                            FEA Test Below
Made in the USA

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