Hellcat Hood Dodge Charger 2015-2022 - Black Ops Auto Works
Hellcat Hood Dodge Charger 2015-2022 - Black Ops Auto Works
Hellcat Hood Dodge Charger 2015-2022 - Black Ops Auto Works
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Hellcat Hood Dodge Charger 2015-2022

Carbon Parts
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$ 1,399.00
$ 1,399.00

Carbon Fiber or Fiberglass By Black Ops Auto Works

Hellcat Hood For Dodge Charger 2015-2022

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(NOT INCLUDED) Vents are a Dealer Part 

UV GEL Coat protectant finish is on the Carbon Top and Bottom then buffed to a shine.
The same Gel coat is used on our Fiberglass version except that coat is Black in color.
Our Hellcat Dodge Charger Carbon Fiber & Fiberglass hoods will look better the longer you own them and will pick up more of a shine every time it is polished because of the UV Gel Coat we use. We do not use an automotive clear coat like most MFG's that yellows, Fades or cracks over time.
We have a 8 year industry track record that proves our quality with 10,000+ Small parts and 1,000's of hood's sold we are the industries #1 Modern Hemi Carbon Fiber MFG.
What does this all mean?
If your Hellcat Dodge Charger Carbon Fiber or Fiberglass hood gets scratched there is no need to reclear the whole hood .Simply wetsand and re-buff for a completely new look.
Digs gouges, scratches from flying debris?
These can be filled with a clear gelcoat and wet-sanded and buffed again.
There is no need to reclear the entire part who else can offer this high quality?
When it comes to product weight, no one can beat us Guaranteed!!
Lighter than OEM!!!

We use 100% USA Sourced materials to MFG, at the highest quality possible!

Made in The USA

Hawaii and ALL International locations please email us Here for a shipping quote
Lead Time: We currently have a 4-5 week lead time before leaving our facility 
IN STOCK Means we are taking orders only*

We DO NOT recommend Fiberglass to be installed it's meant for paint not direct install, Again Fiberglass is Meant for Paint only!!

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