D3S Osram Xenarc HID Bulbs: C7/Stingray 14'

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Osram’s CBI D3S bulbs are the way to go if you’re looking for awesome color (5000k), with zero lumens loss – In short, they rock!

Factory / OEM D3S bulbs are usually rated at 4300k, which means that you’re headlights just look “boringly” white. In the past, the only way to get more color was to go with higher kelvin (K) D3S HID bulbs, which resulted in less useable light output (less lumens) - Until now. Osram has stepped up to the plate, and introduced their Xenarc 66340 CBI (mercury-free) bulbs, which offer awesome 5000K color temps – with absolutely no light loss.


No blue coatings, no gimmicky ratings – just pure performance and looks to boot!

XenonDepot.com is an authorized Osram and Philips distributor. In a market flooded with fakes (many fakes), don’t risk buying garbage… It’ll cost you more in the long run, and you won’t get anywhere near the same performance. If you're seeing these bulbs sold cheaper, then seriously question the integrity of the seller.


Osram CBI 66340 CBI bulbs come with an IEC PK32d-5 D3S base. Check out our industry leading Shop By Vehicle tool if you’re not sure that this is the right bulb for your vehicle

  • Up to 5000 K color temperature
  • Up to 20 % more light compared to conventional coated gas discharge lamps
  • Blue effect without coating
  • Offers high contrast
  • Exceptionally bright



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