HKS Premium Suction Kit: FRS/BRZ 13+

Vendor: HKS

Available: In stock

SKU: 70018-AT006

$ 325.00

Premium suction kits aim to provide a mature solution to your intake needs!
Premium Suction kits use a Super Hybrid Filter combined with vehicle specific
intake pipe to improve efficiency and prove subtle accenting to the engine bay.

•The standard convoluted rubber intake pipe is replaced with a high lustre
aluminiumpipe to add subtle accenting to the engine bay

•By reviewing the stock intake pipe layout and the materials used, Premium Suction
pipe designs allow for reduced intake air resistance allowing air to move more
freely into the engine.

•Premium Suction kits use Super Hybrid Filters. By using a combination of
unwoven cloth and polyurethane foam, offering not only improved engine
responsebut long life also..

Kit Contents
•Aluminium Suction Piping
•HKS Original Silcone Hose
•High Quality bead type hose bands
•Super Hybrid Filer
•Gold Metallic Sticker Included

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