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KW Coilover Kit V1: 300 11-14 (NON ELE) - Black Ops Auto Works
  • SKU: 10227019

KW Coilover Kit V1 2011+ Dodge 300 C - 2WD Sedan, V6+V8 (NON ELE)

$ 1,598.00

    Fitment: *without electronic suspension

    2011-2014  Base  3.6L
    2013-2014  300C  3.6L
    2011-2014  300C  5.7L
    2013-2014  300C Luxury  3.6L
    2013-2014  300C Luxury  5.7L
    2011-2012  Limited  3.6L
    2012-2014  300S  3.6L
    2012-2014  300S  5.7L
    2011  Touring  3.6L



    KW Variant 1: Sporty - Balanced. With KW factory pre-set dampening.
    The ideal system for customers who like to choose the customer lowering of their vehicles while counting on the extensive driving tests of our experienced engineers who have preset the dampers for the ultimate balance between sporty driving, comfort and safety.


    Front Lowering: 1.2" to 2.1"
    Rear Lowering: 1.2" to 2.1"


    • 02: Front height adjustable by threaded shock bodies. Rear height adjustable by adjustable spring perch.
    • 37: Vehicles equipped with electronic damper control: Electronic damper control needs to be disabled. Disable modules available through KW. Please check KW accessories list.