'Mini' Hood Pin (Black) - Black Ops Auto Works
'Mini' Hood Pin (Black) - Black Ops Auto Works
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Mini Hood Pin (Black)

Hood Pins
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$ 29.99
$ 29.99

Mini Hood Pin (Black)

Priced per latch, add 2 qty. to cart for a set

Go for a stealthy look with the Black anodized mini Latch!

Each anodized mini hood latch is constructed from T-6 aluminum and stainless steel, are capable of holding up to 150 lbs of pulling force, and is constructed to the highest of standards.

For those who have black cars and are wishing to blend the latches into the paint job, the anodized black minis are the way to go.

Upper Diameter latch body options

Option 1: 1.0 inch (25.79 mm) Length of latch body (16.36 mm) Length of mounting stud 2.20 inches (55.40mm)

Option 2: 1.25 inch (31.79 mm) Length of latch body (16.44 mm) Length of mounting stud 2.20 Inches (55.40 mm)

Pictured below is the 1.25" 'Head' size latch
Quick latch 1.25

Pictured below is the 1"  'Head' size latch
Quick latch 1"

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