MM EcoBoost Oil Cooler Kit: Mustang 2015+

Vendor: MishiMoto

Available: In stock


$ 535.00

Direct-fit for 2015+ Ford Mustang EcoBoost
•Reduces oil temperatures by up to 40°F (23°C)
•Minimal pressure drop
•Application-specific mounting bracket
•Premade braided stainless steel oil lines with durable -AN fittings
•Includes billet aluminum Oil Sandwich Plate or Thermostatic Oil Sandwich Plate
•19-row stacked-plate oil cooler for optimal reduction in fluid temperature
•Thermostatic and non-thermostatic options available
•Cooler available in Sleek Silver and Stealth Black
•Increases oil capacity by 0.75 qt
•Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty


Increase in Oil Capacity
0.75 Quarts (0.71 L)

Temperature Difference
40+°F (23+°C)

Pressure Drop
4–6 PSI

Purchase Includes
(3) Application-Specific Mounting Brackets and Spacer
(1) 19-Row Oil Cooler (Silver or Black)
(1) 4' 3.5" Stainless Steel Braided Hose with 45° and 120° -10AN Fittings
(1) 4' 10.5" Stainless Steel Braided Hose with 90° and 120° -10AN Fittings
(1) Oil Sandwich Plate (Thermostatic Available)
(1) 3/4 x 16 Stainless Steel Sandwich Plate Adapter
(2) M20 x -10AN Straight Fittings
(1) Mounting Hardware Set Engine codes
2.3 EcoBoost

Chassis Codes

To provide maximum airflow to the front of your vehicle and the EcoBoost oil cooler, Mishimoto suggests disconnecting the connector for the front shutter doors (if equipped on your Mustang).

Recommended torque specification for all straight fittings and banjo bolts: 15-25 ft/lbs (operating range). Do not exceed the maximum torque rating of 35 ft/lbs.

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