Perrin Control-Arm Brace: FRS/BRZ 13+

Vendor: Perrin

Available: In stock


$ 87.00

The stock pieces are designed to work for a stock car under normal type conditions. Under heavy
braking, the front control arm main pivot flexes, causing changes to your alignment. After upgrades
like stickier tires, brakes or stiffer suspension bushings, the OEM brace doesn't cut it when pushing
your car to the limits. The PERRIN control arm braces are CNC machined from 6061 Aluminum
making these parts much stiffer than the stock part.

The stock stamped braces are made from steel and painted black. This is a very inexpensive way
to make a part like this but it comes at the expense of weight. A set of these are lighter than the factory
part by 3.5 pounds while still being much stiffer!

We offer these braces in both black and clear anodized finishes. This ensures that they will not
corrode or rust like the OEM parts will, even in places where roads are salted in the winter!

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