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HKS Pro-Kit S.Charger: FRS/BRZ 13+ - Black Ops Auto Works
  • SKU: 12001-AT009

HKS Pro-Kit S.Charger: FRS/BRZ 13+

$ 3,740.00

    FR sports car “86” was launched in tremendous popularity of ecologically-friendly cars.
    HKS has released various tuning parts for the “86.” Among HKS’ 86 parts, the supercharger
    kit has been redesigned and become a more powerful kit! The efficiency improved by
    layout change of piping around the throttle and utilizing a bigger size intercooler. Compared
    to stock, 35% higher output and 45% higher torque are achieved. Fuel Upgrade Kit for higher
    engine output is also released for engine output of over 300PS. For the owners of the
    conventional Supercharger kit, Intercooler Upgrade Kit is available to convert the existing kit
    to new version.

    •Using the stock air cleaner enables sound isolation of the supercharger; the quietness is
    dramatically improved.

    •Each HKS GT S/C SYSTEM is a vehicle-specific design. All parts necessary for installation
    are included. (An engine management system is required separately.¥_

    •Free to select the engine management tool. ¥_šFor JDM vehicles, Flash Editor including the
    data for this Supercharger Kit is available for easy data rewriting.


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