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Surface Mount/Slotted 2pc Rotors: Evo X

Racing Brake
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$ 799.00
$ 799.00

These are surface mounted two-piece rotors, different from RB's patented two-piece center mount rotors for Evo X (p/n 2135). The rotors are direct bolt-on and fully assembled, and include hardware.


Material: Alloyed iron formula adds strength
Finish: Straight Slot
Surface Treatment: EDP Coating w/cross cut grinding on brake pad contact area
Design: The cooling vanes are of a convergent nozzle design, which increases airflow and turbulence and keeps discs cooler.

Size Difference:
RB rotor ring is made to 348mm (13.7") vs. OE 350mm (13.8"). So our rings give more precise fit to the pad wear pattern w/o a rusty lip like OE.

These rotor rings are made with the following improvements/benefits over OE:

    1. The rotor is directional (with RB's convergent curved vanes) vs. OE's non-directional (pillar vanes):
-Better air circulation resulting cooler operating temperature.
    1. RB iron rotors are alloyed iron vs. OE's regular iron:
-Stronger brake torque with lasting performance and more resistant to wear.
    1. Disc surface (including the inner vanes) is coated with EDP vs. OE's plain surface:
-Prevent from undesirable rusting/corrosion therefore extends the life and serviceability.
    1. Weight saving: Our rotor rings save you ~2 lbs per rotor over stock.
-Lighter weight = quicker pedal response and higher braking efficiency.
    1. Disc surface is slotted vs. OE's plain finish:
-Help to escape the brake pad gases or other substances for more efficient braking performance.
    1. Overall performance improvement and more durable than OE:
-Save maintenance/replacement cost (rotor and pads) and down time.

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