Rupes LHR 15ES Bigfoot Orbital Polisher

Vendor: Adam's Premium Car Care

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$ 369.99

•Powerful and Precise, the Bigfoot 15 Offers Perfect Balance
•15mm Stroke and 4800opm Mean Fast Correction and Flawless Finishing
•Works Perfectly with Adam's 5th Generation 6" Pad System


Since entering the US market a few years ago the Rupes Bigfoot line of polishers has been extremely popular with professionals, die hard detailers, and casual enthusiasts alike. While the 21mm Bigfoot catches most of the headlines, the Rupes LHR 15ES 15mm has created a fanbase of its own due to its amazing ability to balance both correction and finishing jobs in one powerful tool.

The Rupes Bigfoot 15mm creates a powerful correction combo when paired up with the 5th Generation Adam's Polishing Pad System that not only cuts thru defects like swirls and scratches, but finishes down amazingly clean often times requiring very little work in the secondary polishing stages to acheive absolute perfection. Thanks to the precesion engineered Italian design the Rupes Bigfoot 15 feels nimble and light in your hands while working, reducing operator fatigue on even the largest polishing projects.

Each LHR 15ES comes equipped with the Rupes precision balanced factory backing plate, soft start motor, and electronic speed control to ensure consistant speeds over even varied surfaces and the perfect amount of pad rotation for maximum correction without hazing or holograms. Adam's 5th Generation Polishing Pad System was developed for use with the entire Rupes line of tools, and the 5.5" Microfiber Cutting Pads and 6" Foam Pads produce superior results to any other pad system available.

We're confident you, like us, will fall in love with the Rupes LHR 15ES after your first use. It is truly the most well balanced polishing tool on the market.

NOTE: As with all polishing devices, espeically large orbit polishers, excercise caution around badges and hard angles to avoid incidental contact from the side of the pad or polisher with a panel that could be damaged.


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