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Std & Auto Mach X-LLT Exhaust Kit Chevy Camaro V6
Std & Auto Mach X-LLT Exhaust Kit Chevy Camaro V6
Std & Auto Mach X-LLT Exhaust Kit Chevy Camaro V6
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Std & Auto Mach X-LLT: Camaro V6

$ 961.93


    The Mach X-LLT exhaust kit for your V6 Camaro, Auto or Standard, is a full stainless steel unit. The muffler and tips are T304 and the pipes are T409. The band clamps we use are T304 as well. There is a lot going on in this exhaust kit to get the Camaro V6 to sound like it should. First we have a special Solo X design Mach free flow muffler in the front. As with most X pipes, this X muffler doesn’t inhibit the flow and does a great job of calming the noise. We also have a rear set of free flow Mach resonators in the tailpipe section. These resonators are the same free flow resonators used in our V6 Res-Cats and reduce as well as calm the overall exhaust note.

    We have adjustable “attenuation pipes” or “J-pipes” in our tailpipes too. These J-pipes are “tuned” to take out the bad frequency ranges that both the V6 Auto and Standard have. Fortunately the frequency range was the same and the J-pipes can be used on either car with the same success. We make the J-pipes adjustable and removable to give you options. To adjust the length you would loosen the end band clamp bolts and move in or out the same on both sides. ½” to 1” makes a big difference in sound. We have the pipes set at the “factory preset” length but since all Camaro’s are not made exactly the same we make them adjustable.

    You are also able to remove the J-pipes if you want to see how your car sounds without them. Just remove the end cap, take away the J-pipe, and insert the end cap into the stub coming out of the tailpipe.