Black Ops Auto Works Policies


Black Ops Auto Works has a 14-day return policy from the date delivered.  All returns must approved prior to acceptance. The customer is fully responsible for the return shipping costs unless there was clear damage or the incorrect item shipped, which must be confirmed with pictures.

If a return is approved, the customer is responsible for shipping products back in the same condition in which it was received. After a full inspection and confirmed receipt of the product(s) in original condition, a refund will be provided. Please note a 25% restocking fee will be charged unless otherwise stated during the approval and inspection process.

Please do not purchase to look over, decide, compare or test fit and ship back, we do not pay shipping back in this case. We will not pay the shipping returning to us nor will we pay the shipping it cost to you. The shipping charged to you will be deducted off your total purchase amount plus the 3% credit card fees.  If any products return with any damages what so ever the package will be refused and sent back to sender and you will have to create a claim with the carrier for your refund, in NO way will Black Ops Auto Works  be held accountable for damages during returns from customer. Again, parts that have been installed, painted or were a custom purchase, will NOT be accepted. Cancelations are subjected to a 3% credit card fee no questions asked even if the item is not made or shipped. We pay a 3% Credit card fee once the order is placed on our website. Unfortunately there is no way around this for us and can not take responsibility for those purchasing without fully understanding our timelines and or policies. All timelines and policies are displayed on each item identifying the eta of each part if one does exist please email us if you are concerned. This cancelation fee is VERY important to understand we never like to take fees/money and not deliver a product this is not our intention we try to be as transparent as possible. 


It is HIGHLY recommended that all products be professionally installed! All buyers must understand that some, not all, products may require modifications for correct fitment. Adjustments and or Paint work for Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber may be necessary as part of the normal installation process.

All hoods need Require Hood Pins for safety reasons.

Also a washer nozzle relocation kit; our hoods since the beginning have NOT had the washer nozzle holes cut and our molds were built this way per MASS customer demand. It is up to the customer to find the relocation kit Black Ops Auto Works will not supply you with one. Black Ops Auto Works has made an effort to produce all its products to fit as close as possible to the original factory equipment. The buyer is responsible for all of the above installation process'. Black Ops Auto Works, LLC is not responsible to fit parts, modify parts or paint parts. Black Ops Auto Works, LLC is in no way responsible to make sure the proper install instructions were followed by the purchaser and or all components required are purchased separately.

We have a policy of You put the part on your Vehicle, You own it

There will  be no returns accepted on any painted part for any reason unless approved by Black Ops Auto Works,LLC and only approved by Black Ops Auto Works,LLC. Read more under our returns policy.

Our Fitment, Visual Terms & Warranty

The following issues may be fully covered.

Hood’s and or Trunks do not clear a stock engine gaps between the hoods and
or Trunks that are any more than 1/2" wide on each side. If any Hood and or trunk have more than 1/2" height difference or lower than the fenders. Latch is 1/16" too long or too short than the stock latch, causing the hood not to latch.

Lips are covered if the Length of the lip is 3/8" too long or too short. Other situations will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, and might
qualify for full or partial coverage.

Fully approved claims cover product and shipping charges. Partially approved claims cover products only. Black Ops Auto Works,LLC carbon fiber products are hand-made, and small imperfections are inevitable. Heavy cloudiness under the clear coat (which is only visible under the sun). A clear coat bubble larger than 3/8" in diameter are not covered.

The following issues including twisted or torn weaves other than around vent area, will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, and might qualify for full or partial coverage. Fully approved claims cover product and shipping charges.
Partially approved claims cover products only. It is possible but not necessarily experienced for the Clear coat to change color more than a full shade within 6-months.

The warranty only covers more extreme cases.

Black Ops Auto Works, LLC. Only Warranties manufacturer's defects as listed above upon receipt of product. Black Ops Auto Works,LLC Must be notified in writing via email within 5 days of receipt of product for any warranty claims no other warranty claims will be warranted or processed. Most carbon fiber products are hand-crafted, and no two items will be identical. Small imperfections such as wavy weaves, small bubbles, and clear coat blemishes are inevitable. Pictures are required to demonstrate true defects on products prior to return.

Any damaged parts outside of our "install you own it" and the fitment listed above would fall outside of our policy and will be a case-by-case basis decided by Black Ops Auto Works,LLC.

We cannot guarantee all parts are installed correctly, therefore no future part is concidered discounted or replaced by Black Ops Auto Works,LLC under any circumstance. 

More below on our return policy.


Shipping, Cancellations & Custom Products:

Black Ops Auto Works, LLC will ship the order as soon as the parts become available. Please allow 5-10 business days for in-stock items to arrive. All shipping dates are approximates, we try to do the best on projecting lead times per item but as orders ramp up materials sometimes become backordered and we have no control over that, we will communicate the best of our ability to make sure lead times are always projected to the customer prior to and during. Black Ops Auto Works sells built per request items and high valued product, due to the nature of some orders there will be a 10% fee on cancellations if the order has not shipped. This fee MAY be waived only with approval by Black Ops Autoworks LLC, if the order values over $2,000 this fee unfortunately will not be waived. If the item HAS been shipped, you will be charged all applicable shipping fee's, the re-stocking fee varies again as many items are only built per request, custom made orders will not qualify for cancellation after 72hrs from the time the order is placed.


Shipping Damage(s):

We pack all of our products carefully to prevent damage during shipping, unfortunately when the package leaves our facility it is out of our hands sadly how packages are treated. All Freighted products need to be inspected in front of the driver before they leave and document the damage(s) with the delivery person such as irregularities in; packing material, crushed, torn, punctured, or broken packaging. All should be documented on the driver's slip! You, the purchaser/ receiver must retain all cartons, packing materials, and damaged products for the carrier's damage inspector to inspect at a later time. Please do not refuse shipment or return without approval. If the driver's slip is not noted with any damages this clears Black Ops Auto Works, LLC from any further damage claims and you will have to make contact with the carrying company to dispute said damages. Black Ops Auto Works, LLC  must be contacted within 24 hours of a damaged delivery. In cases where damages with proper notation on the drivers slip, the carrier will determine whether to pay for repair cost or replacement value of the damaged goods after damage inspection. Replacement value is the amount the buyer paid to Black Ops Auto Works, LLC and or the distributor and is non negotiable. All disputes about settlements should be addressed with the carrier, Black Ops Auto Works is not responsible for the outcome of any settlement with any carrier.


Parts Availability:

Due to restrictions laid out by our host and coding, we are researching ways around each products, Available: In Stock, display.

The majority of items we sell ARE available immediately, others (i.e carbon fiber, fiberglass etc) are produced as the molds are 'freed' up from previous order builds. These items can be shipped in as little as 1-week and at most up to 9-weeks pending on season and business flow.

PLEASE, always ask what the lead time is on your parts before ordering. Our mfg booth is always pushing to make parts as fast as possible, but keep in mind these are handmade products and do take time to produce to keep our aerospace grade quality.


Price Match:

Here at Black Ops Autoworks we would like to provide all of our customers with the best prices possible. We have significantly dropped our price points from what the listed MSRP is set at, we also understand it is easier to get all your parts from the same shop instead of having multiple items shipping to you from every which way. If we have what you want and we have it at an 'unreasonable' price compared to another shop, email us the link to the item you are browsing and we will meet or beat that price upto 5%. Please consider, we have already set our pricing at a VERY reasonably low cost that the manufacturers allow, Black Ops Autoworks will make the best judgement in our customers favor with price matching your item or providing an additional 5% off. *Must be SAME brand product, NOT "like" product but different brands!


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Privacy Policy:

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