Ultra High Flow Converter Assembly LFX-Cats Chevy Camaro
Ultra High Flow Converter Assembly LFX-Cats Chevy Camaro
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Ultra High Flow Conv. Assemb LFX Cats: Camaro

C23925 - C23926
$ 900.00
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$ 900.00

Ultra High Flow Conv. Assemb LFX Cats: Camaro


Solo Performance is proud to announce that we have our 2012 and up Camaro V6 Ultra High Flow Converters ready for sale. These converter assemblies were no easy task as we had to get special tooling and flanges made for their production. The 200 cell ultra high flow converters used in this application offer maximum flow and are rated to 6.0L per side. That’s 12.0L of cleaning ability for your Camaro.

Solo Performance also includes our O2 extenders for the rear most O2 bungs on either side. These extenders further ensure that the engine light stays out. We first built these converter assemblies without the free flow resonators and it was incredibly loud ( and not in a good way.) With the addition of the Solo free flow resonator we were able to create an incredible exhaust note along with increased flow over the stock assembly. Enjoy Going Solo with our new 2012 and up V6 Camaro Cats!


Exhaust Kit Specs:

200 cell stainless steel spiral wound design. This design is long lasting, ultra-high flow, and completely stainless inside and out.
Converters are far overrated for the car, at 6.0L per side. That’s 12.0L of cleaning ability.
Includes a special design stainless steel 3/8” thick front flange.
All pipes, O2 bungs, and welds are stainless steel.
For sound reasons we had to incorporate a free flow resonator behind the converter. With just the converter, the performance was great but the sound was horrible. With the addition of the resonator we now have great sound (about 15%-20% more noise overall) and performance.
These converters are not CARB certified, but they do pass all emissions and keep the CEL light off. • They are technically for off road use only.
Each converter assembly is about 4 feet long. It goes from the manifold to the first connection.
No CEL or engine lights to date!
100% BOLT ON!


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