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Demon Window Hood WK2 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Black Ops Auto Works
Demon Window Hood WK2 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Black Ops Auto Works
Demon Window Hood WK2 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Black Ops Auto Works
Demon Window Hood WK2 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Black Ops Auto Works
Demon Window Hood WK2 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Black Ops Auto Works
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Demon Window Hood WK2 Jeep Grand Cherokee

$ 1,979.00
$ 1,979.00
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Demon Window Hood WK2 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk & SRT Only 
Demon Hood Features:
  • Removable clear window to keep the intake Run Polished. A clean run helps keep velocity up all the way to the Intake Box. The window creates a a water break just like on the OEM Demon Hood, which has a plastic surround. This is our method of a water break and a higher air velocity on a composite hood.
  • RGBW Wire runs through and out the passengers side lower corner to be wired for power.
  • The removable window makes it easy for an RGBW LED light install. Turn on the LEDs when the hood is open or when driving down the road. 
  • A vent trim ring is molded into the hood for a cleaner look. The OEM Demon hood has no mesh vent just a trimmed opening.
  • White protective film on the window which needs to be removed after install and or after painting is completed. 
      Posted by engineers of the Demon hood!
      • "2019 Hellcat makes more power than the 2018 Hellcat because of the new hood and air induction system. The 2019 Redeye makes less power than the 2018 Demon because of the new hood and air induction system"
      NOTE: This hood fits with the OEM intake. If you have an aftermarket intake it could but not guaranteed to hit the window. This hood is only guaranteed to fit the OEM intake if you have an aftermarket intake it may need to modifying. Spinning the coupling with sensor may be needed on an aftermarket intake. This is not the case with all intakes but may be possible. This is an aftermarket hood and any modification to the Intake outside of the OEM intake will not be guaranteed by us. We do not guarantee this fits any truck with any aftermarket intake outside the OEM. We will not take a return if it hits your intake. Anything outside of the OEM intake is considered aftermarket and or modified.
      How Black Ops Autoworks Carbon Fiber & Fiberglass Hoods Are Made:
      We want to offer the best functioning hood while innovating the industry while showing off at car shows and meets we hope this Demon hood will fit the bill.
      All our Jeep Grand Cherokee Carbon Fiber Or Fiberglass Demon Hoods are Clear UV GEL Coat protectant finish that needs a monthly wax with a quality carnauba wax we recommend Mothers Step 3. Our carbon Hoods and our Full Carbon top and bottom are just buffed to a shine absolutely no Automotive paint. (If your hood dulls from lack of care or oxidizes no worries wetsand and buff and it will come right back to new condition)
      The same Gel coat is used on our Fiberglass Hood version except that Gel coat color is Black.

      Our Jeep Grand Cherokee Carbon Fiber Or Fiberglass Demon Hood will look better the longer you own them and will pick up more of a shine every time it is polished because of the UV Gel coat we use. We do not use an automotive clear coat like most MFG's that yellows, Fades or cracks over time.

      We have a 15 year industry track record that proves our quality with 1,000's of hood's sold no smoke and mirrors with false claims.

      What does this all mean?

      If your hood gets scratched their is no need to re clear the whole hood Simply wetsand and re-buff for a completely new look.

      Digs gouges, scratches from flying debris?

      These can be filled with a clear gelcoat and wet-sanded and buffed again.
      There is no need to re clear the entire part who else can offer this high quality?
      When it comes to product weight, no one can beat us Guaranteed!!
      Lighter than OEM by a couple pounds!
      Why only a couple Pounds?
      Todays Mopar hoods are super light Aluminum usually under 17 pounds with vents. Mopar hoods of the past coming in at 32-39 Pounds.
      We can deliver a 3 pound hood if this is your desire. This option is only offered at a higher cost: Contact us for more details. 
      So if your looking to Shave weight a Race Hood Option is available per request ONLY!
      A Pin on Race Style hood would be the biggest overall weight savings as far as Hoods are concerned. 
      A Pin on Hood is 8-10 pound Weight Savings MAX!
      (Depending on Hood style)
      We have Other ways of shaving weight if you are interested feel free to contact us.

      We use 100% USA Sourced materials to MFG, at the highest quality possible!


       Washer Squitter relocation kit can be found HERE!

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