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AVANT GARDE RUGER Mesh 19" 20" Porsche Wheel

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$ 499.00
$ 499.00

AVANT GARDE RUGER Mesh 19" 20" Porsche Wheel


The Ruger Mesh is engineered exclusively for Porsche applications. Extensive work has been done to ensure the wheel maintains the delicate balance between weight and structural integrity. The wheels are manufactured with exact widths and offsets in mind to achieve the most aggressive fitment possible without sacrificing performance.





The staple wheel design perfect for any Porsche chassis.


Available in 19, 20, and 22-inch diameters with customizable offsets to achieve the perfect fitment for your vehicle.


The finishing possibilities are limitless. Available in polished and custom powdercoated options, customize your Ruger Mesh to achieve the specific look you are envisioning.


Below you will find just a Few finishes available to see a larger selection of colors click HERE

This wheel price includes any single color finish.

If you want a Duel finish Ex:  Brushed/Polished or Two color finish and or a Brushed and Satin/Matte on the same wheel you must use the "Please add a Second color" in Checkout box above.

NOTES: Please specify the finish you like along with the year make and model of your vehicle.

Timeline depends on Availability and Color you select normal turnaround is 2-4 weeks unless we notify you you and tell you differently.


Brushed Candy Apple RedPrism PurplePolished Electron BlueBrushed Electron BlueBrushed CongnacMatte Brushed Antique BronzeBrushed Black NickelBrushed Candy Apple redGloss RedBrushed TangerineMatte Brushed Antique BronzeBrushed TurquoiseLucido WhiteTechnica BlackPolishedPolished Liquid BronzeBrushed Antique CopperCopper platedGloss BlackSmoked MirrorBrushed GrigioBrushed PolishedBrushed Gold BullionMatte Brushed Antique BronzeNeochromeBrushed copper platedSatin Rose GoldMachine Silver


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