HighFlow Cat-Converters SRT8 Charger Chrysler 300 Dodge Magnum - Black Ops Auto Works
HighFlow Cat-Converters SRT8 Charger Chrysler 300 Dodge Magnum - Black Ops Auto Works
HighFlow Cat-Converters SRT8 Charger Chrysler 300 Dodge Magnum - Black Ops Auto Works
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HighFlow Cat-Converters SRT8 Charger Chrysler 300 Dodge Magnum

C41188 - C41189
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$ 1,097.42

HighFlow Cat-Converters SRT8 Charger Chrysler 300 DodgeMagnum


All of us at Solo Performance are proud to announce that we have our 2006-2014 Charger/Magnum/300 SRT-8 High Flow Converters tested and ready for sale. These are a full stainless steel converter/resonator assembly that has all stainless welds, O2 bungs, flanges, etc. We have several test cars out there that all have over 1000 miles on them with no engine light issues! It’s so important to thoroughly test these High Flow Converters on multiple cars and we appreciate your interest and patience during this phase.

Solo is the only company that we know of that incorporates a resonator into a converter assembly when necessary. A by-product of the restrictive nature of the “stock” SRT-8 converters is quietness. When we took the restriction away and opened up the converters with our Solo High Flows the noise became unbearable. We inserted a free flow Solo Mach-Resonator on each side and the exhaust note changed from “horrible” to an “8 Cylinder Symphony.”

With the addition of the Solo High Flow Cats, your current exhaust note increases in volume by approximately 20% and the note deepens, richens, and becomes more full and rounded. The throttle response is greatly improved with the Solo Charger/Magnum/300 SRT-8 Cats, and every one of our customers have commented on feeling the difference in HP (horsepower) and torque. No Dyno’s as yet have been done on the Charger but many have been done on the SRT-8 Challenger with significant gains running well into the double digits.

Exhaust Kit Specifications

2006-2013 SRT-8 Charger/Magnum/300 SRT8 Solo High Flow Converter Specs:
* 200 cell stainless steel spiral wound design. This design is long lasting, ultra-high flow, and completely stainless inside and out
* Converters are far overrated for the car, at 6.0L per side. That’s 12.0L of cleaning ability
* 3” mandrel bent stainless steel pipes
* Includes a special design stainless steel 3/8” thick front flange
* All pipes, O2 bungs, and welds are stainless steel.
* For sound reasons we had to incorporate a 2 ∏” free flow resonator (further explanation below) behind the converter. With the addition of the free flow resonator we now have great sound (about 15%-20% more noise overall) and performance.
* These converters are not CARB certified for the SRT-8, but they do pass all emissions and keep the CEL light off. They are technically for off road use only.
* Each converter assembly is about 4 feet long. It goes from the manifold to the first connection.
* No CEL or engine lights to date!
* 100% BOLT ON!


Explanation of Free Flow Resonator Assembly: “Bigger is not always better”
The Charger SRT-8 converter assembly without the resonator is unbearably loud and not in a good way. Being a virtually unsellable unit we decided to engineer a free flow resonator into the converter assembly. Of course we started off with a 3 inch resonator. There were some drawbacks with sound quality and the bottom end had a bit too much lag. We decided to try a 2 ∏” resonator and our sound and lag problems were solved. This is the same for the SRT-8 Challenger’s that we have been selling for a while now.

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