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PÜRR 3" Titanium Exhaust w/ Ti X-Pipe



    PÜRR's website and install locations are now live!!



    2012-2020 Jeep SRT

    2017-2020 Jeep Trackhawk

    Helpful Info: This is a Race System meant to make power and shave roughly 40% more weight than your traditional stainless steel exhaust system. Neighbors may not care for you long after install PÜRR is Loud and not for the faint of heart.

    PÜRR Titanium Exhausts will cater to clients who want the best meanest sounding exhaust while increasing performance and shaving weight!  We expect to shave 30-40 Pounds per System from OEM (Exact weight savings will follow)

    PÜRR minimizes bends and uses Pie Cut segments for precision fitment!

    Specs include a True 3” Exhaust x pipe and high flow mufflers on every system. Massive 6 Plus Inch Cutout X Pipe for Max Flow with Minimal Bends to further reduce Restriction.

    High flow race mufflers to shave weight and keep restrictions to a minimum!

    PÜRR has massive 3/4" flanges to prevent warping and leaking and to stand the test of time!

    Included a massive 4.5" Tip single for the SRT and Quad for the Trackhawk

    Minimal reduction slip fit tip's further maximizing flow!

    Not only do the massive tips offer max flow they are adjustable choose flush mount or add some poke your choice Both tips work with or without the trailer hitch. Hitch installs may poke 1/4" more than non hitch installs we recommend a trimming of the hitch for a flush install. 

    There are many exhaust choices PÜRR is set to separate itself by offering something no one else does for an unbelievable introductory price.

    QUAD TIP INSTALL NOTE: If you have a 2012-2020 SRT Jeep and would like to run Quad tips you can swap the SRT Rear Valance for an OEM Trackhawk one found HERE

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