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Challenger Iron Cat Themed 10-Piece Set

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Dash & Interior Trim
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$ 95.00
$ 95.00

Challenger Iron Cat Themed 10-Piece Set

Fits all 2015 and newer Challengers.


(1) Steering Wheel Trim Ring

(1) Start Button

(1) Fuel Door Inlay

(2) Visor Decals

(2) Fender Badges

(1) Grille or Spoiler Badge

(2) Door Sills

This is a simple peel and stick job - but make sure it goes on straight. ;-)  We recommend cleaning the installation surface first with a wax remover to ensure a strong bond.


    There is a 3-5 business day processing window. Due to the nature of some of our products, the processing window may be longer as each item is individually handmade and may require time to cure. Domestic shipping takes between 2-8 business days.

    International shipping times will vary by destination.



    • The badges and decals we produce are made with top quality durable materials making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.
    • Our resin is UV stable so you don’t have to worry about it cracking, clouding or yellowing, nor do you need to worry about the colors fading when installed in the elements.
    • The badges are impervious to water and handle extreme heat and bitter cold alike.

    Metalized Polyester– This has a shiny mirror like finish and is best suited for flat, smooth applications. It has zero stretch and is semi rigid.Polycarbonate– We use this material as an overlaminate. It is very resilient and resistant to abrasions and chemicals.Carbon Fiber– The carbon fiber we use is a .25mm black 3k twill carbon fiber. Its mildly flexible and can conform to slight curves.

    Silver Texalium– Texalium is woven material often called “white carbon fiber”. Unlike carbon fiber, which is made of carbon fiber strands, Texalium is made of strands of glass that is vapor coated in aluminum.Poly Epoxy Resin– The resin is a proprietary product that behaves like a typical 2-part epoxy. It is self- healing and maintains a slight elasticity, meaning once cured it can’t be, nor does it need to be sanded or buffed. If the surface of the cured resin is dented, the dent will fill itself and disappear.Urethane– this product is a high-end vinyl product that has a vaporized metal coating. It is a 7-10 year durable product in its raw state. With resin applied, the durability means that the material will outlast its intended use in many cases.

    Vinyl– The vinyl we employ is 3M grade or above. Most carry 5-7 year outdoor lifespans.Thermal Resin Foil– These are used in the thermal printer to transfer color onto the substrate surface. A 600dpi thermal head uses a combination of heat and pressure to melt the resin foil directly to the material.

    Simulated Carbon Fiber– This product we have converted explicitly for use with our machines. It offers a level of realism that is hard to find in a simulated product. It offers possibilities of more complex pieces where limitations may arise with genuine carbon fiber. It’s also a reasonable alternative for the budget conscious. 


    The processes we use to bring pieces to life include thermal printing, CNC, heat curing, and no small bit of hand cutting and fabrication.  

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