Moroso Air/Oil Separator(Lrg Body): FRS/BRZ 13+

Vendor: Moroso

Available: In stock

SKU: 85515

$ 185.00

Moroso PCV air/oil separators will help increase your engine's performance. These air/oil
separators will capture excess oil and keep it out of your intake tract so that your engine
will breathe cleaner intake air--better air equals better performance. Moroso offers universal
and custom fit versions in small and large body sizes. The large bodies, besides having
more capacity, feature a bottom drain with an elbow that makes draining the collected oil
virtually mess-free. Their polished billet aluminum bodies can be chromed, painted, or
powdercoated. The small units offer a 2-piece body that unscrews for draining and are
available raw or with polished or anodized finishes. Keep vapors, oil, and moisture from
reentering your intake manifold with Moroso PCV air/oil separators.


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