Trackhawk Rear Diff. Brace Solid Billet - Black Ops Auto Works
Trackhawk Rear Diff. Brace Solid Billet - Black Ops Auto Works
Trackhawk Rear Diff. Brace Solid Billet - Black Ops Auto Works
Trackhawk Rear Diff. Brace Solid Billet - Black Ops Auto Works
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Trackhawk Rear Diff. Brace Solid Billet

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$ 249.00
$ 249.00

Made in the USA

 Trackhawk Rear differential brace 2018+

Eliminate your wheel hop and improve your 60 foot times at the track without removing the rear valance panel! Shown here is all of the hardware and components needed to install your differential brace. All that is required for the TrackHawk are the four bolts shown and two nuts to attach it to on the inside of the cross member. You will have to drill a hole in your crossmember with the provided drill bit and instructions. Installation takes approximately 25 minutes.

Fitment is 2018 + Trackhawk

Lead Time: Typically ships in 24-48 hours colors could take up to 7-10 days

Trackhawk Differential Brace Instructions

Tools Required

Clip removal tool for rear valence

¼” socket for rear valence

13mm socket and ratchet

12mm hex/allen socket for ratchet

Electric or cordless drill

Torque wrench with 90# capacity

  1. Remove rear valance panel.
  2. Remove the two bolts from the differential in the 3 and 9 o’clock position. These will not be reused however we suggest saving them.
  3. Install the brace and snug it to approximately 30# of torque.
  4. Drill the two holes in the crossmember next. We suggest marking the holes with the drill bit and then removing the brace and then drilling the holes. The brace is aluminum and not meant to be used as a drill guide. Use the provided 23/64 bit and drill the holes through the cross member.
  5. Reinstall your brace and make sure the holes are drilled in the correct place. If not, you can enlarge the holes so there is no interference when the hardware is installed. You can now strategically place the 2 welded nuts into the cross member and line them up with the holes.
  6. Remove the brace and reinstall the lower valance panel leaving the passenger side ¼” bolt off.  If its installed it will be in the way. Now, place the 2 pieces of rubber in the pockets of the diff brace and install it. You will have to put some upward pressure on the brace on the right side to get the bolt started. Apply the Loctite to the provided 14mm x 160mm bolts. Torque your 14mm bolts in the differential to 90ft lbs. of torque.
  7. Now comes the tricky part! Reach over the valence panel and start the 8mm x 50mm hardware with the washers installed into the nuts with the welded arm on them. Once they are started, snug them in place and then torque to 30#.
  8. Now you can install the ¼” bolt in the valance on the right hand side and your install is complete.


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